It’s all about Him.

I’ve been creating backgrounds for my Iphone with the app Over as reminders for me. I desire more of the Lord Jesus. I want Him to be the air I breathe. I want to encounter Him and know Him deeper with each passing moment. I’ve been attending a woman’s Bible study on the book of Revelation. The revelation given to John who wrote down an encounter with Christ is phenomenal. One day I’ll see Jesus like John did. I want to know Him so deep now and bring that Kingdom reality here. I know my life is not my own. I was saved to die to my flesh and come alive in Him. True love, joy, and happiness are found there. I love those times I get to have with my Savior and I. These backgrounds for my Iphone are to remind me of why I’m here on earth when I happen to wander. I’m so thankful for the promises and the future God has in store for me. I was chosen to love others unconditionally and as they see me, I desire for them to encounter Christ through me. It’s all about Him.

May this be my battle cry. #revelation #Lord #encounter #KnowHim #Iwantmore by AshleighFournier

398101_10151365686174430_2078043219_n by AshleighFournier


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