Downtown Philly, Edgar Allan Poe, & Crazy Food Jaunts

In February Kent and I took one of my small group girls, Colleen, from our youth group, Unite, to downtown Philly. We had a blast. It was absolutely freezing though…and to our dismay it began to flurry. We didn’t last very long walking around outside near Love Park. We headed to Trader Joe’s to find that the place was hoppin’ and our parking meter was almost up. I did get some wicked tasty food, though. After that we went to the Edgar Allan Poe’s house on National Park territory. This was something Colleen and I really wanted to see. The upper level of this house was particularly interesting. There was so much different texture on the walls. I thought it was gorgeous even though it was falling apart (this was probably the best part of our day). We ended our day with trying to find a place to eat. After sitting down at some restaurant where the gratuity was $30 up front not including the food where nothing was under $15…we decided to get out of there before ordering or if our waiters came back (we came to the conclusion that the Mafia had to own that jaunt). We settled at Panera’s after a hold up in the line with some hot-tempered man who wanted his $100 bill back. Cops and all my friends. This day was quite the adventure.

IMG_7791 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7799 by AshleighFournier

IMG_7801 by AshleighFournier

IMG_7803 by AshleighFournier

IMG_7807 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7815 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7830 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7831 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7833 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7842 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7844 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7845 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7849 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7850 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7851 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7855 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7859 by AshleighFournier
IMG_7861 by AshleighFournier

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