To Maine & Canada we go!

Last month my family, my Fiancé Kent, my sister’s friend Corrie, and I went to Maine and then to Canada. All of my family is from Maine (originally Canada), so we got to visit with them a lot. Playing cards against gram was a highlight for sure. We even had a chance to attend a Christmas in July party at my cousin’s where we watched Elf on the projector. We went to the mountains, the beach, lakes (where my cousin’s were making hysterical faces), and various restaurants for yummy food (including buying way too much at Trader Joe’s).

Old Quebec was gorgeous. We walked out of our hotel onto the beautiful cobblestone roads and French speaking surroundings.The architecture of the buildings was phenomenal. Kent and I got to walk around and enjoy the beauty. We stopped into a Patisserie to enjoy some lovely cheesy bread while stopping into cute artsy shops. I love Canadian food.We got our squeaky cheese and Quebec mug from Starbucks while there. A few miles away from where we were was a market. Very few people spoke English on this side of town. There were all kinds of (we call them “crazy berries”) berries that I’ve never seen before for sale.

Enjoy a glimpse of these pretty places!

IMG_0053 by AshleighFournier
IMG_0054 by AshleighFournier
IMG_0063 by AshleighFournier
IMG_0065 by AshleighFournier
IMG_0070 by AshleighFournier
IMG_0100 by AshleighFournier\

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