Alexandria, VA::Adventures

One of our past clients sent Kent an encouraging email and some advice for our upcoming marriage. She told Kent that he and I should go on a date the week of our wedding. On this date don’t talk about wedding planning or anything of that sort, but just have fun together. Yesterday we took advantage of that advice and headed to Alexandria, VA where we previously shot a wedding.

It was SUPER hard for us not to talk about the wedding. One of us would slyly say “wait, what are we talking about” when one of us happened to veer down that path. First off we had some amazing grilled cheese and lemonade at a cutesy cafe. We then headed to the shops downtown and Kent finally experienced the wonders of Anthropologie (that dang overpriced goodness). We shared a red velvet cupcake with the most amazing cream cheese frosting after we were done walking around. Finally, we went to the waterfront to pray and relax together. That was one of the best parts of our day. We got to talk about what the Lord was speaking to us as we ventured downtown.
We kept walking alongside of the water front on a boardwalk. I immediately spotted a few couple month old turtles hanging on some logs. Kent got a taste of my crazy love for turtles and ability to spot them out. We spent about an hour talking as I pointed out many turtles that I saw. They are so darn cute. It was absolutely relaxing and just what we needed – a little down time with little reptiles. Who knew?

BU2A8405 by AshleighFournier

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