Winter in Maine

Kent and I went to Maine the week before Christmas. We drove there in a snow storm and it was quite the adventure. Uncle Lloyd took us to some pretty awesome places and informed us on some we could go visit on our own. We loved spending time with my family members that I don’t see very often. Kent did such a wonderful job at professing Christ with each person we came across. I’m so blessed to be married to this man.

Here are a few photos of our snowy adventure!

BU2A1647 by AshleighMast
BU2A1660 by AshleighMast
BU2A1663 by AshleighMast
BU2A1664 by AshleighMast
BU2A1670 by AshleighMast
BU2A1673 by AshleighMast
BU2A1678 by AshleighMast
BU2A1682 by AshleighMast
BU2A1700 by AshleighMast
BU2A1703 by AshleighMast
BU2A1707 by AshleighMast
BU2A1708 by AshleighMast
BU2A1735 by AshleighMast
BU2A1736 by AshleighMast

BU2A1739 by AshleighMast


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