Over this past summer Kent and I spent some time dreaming about some routes we wanted to take. One of them was taking the Kingdom Foundations Internship with The Gateway House of Prayer. We prayed about it and weighed some things before we came to the conclusion that that was were God was leading us in the new year. So, we applied and thankfully were accepted.

We officially started the second week of January. It’s only been a little over a week, but man are we noticing tangible change in our personal lives and together. One word so far that I can use to describe our experience is “surrender.” We truly found out how much of a commitment it was when we were putting in as many hours as part time job. One thing Kent and I say to each other when we complain about giving something up is that it was never ours anyway. Our time, money, food, nothing is ours even if we worked for it. Christ gives us our every breath and blesses us with all of the good things listed above. We were made to serve Him always and by His strength He will sustain us.

It’s been stretching to come up with a schedule each week. We are learning discipline and time restraints to make sure that between KFI, work, family, and friends that we are still making time to be with each other. That means saying no to some outings, which is hard for us. We’ve noticed such a strength in our marriage by carving out time just for us, especially time to be silly and get creative. There has been so much good conversation about the desires the Lord is laying on our hearts for our future, mind sets that we need to change, revelation about Christ or the Bible, and life in general. We are so excited for the Lord to break off complacency and wrong thinking in our lives from this devoted season of seeking Him in a new way. We’ve been telling each other, “man, this is so good, but so stretching.” Kent and I are completely unqualified on our own to do this. We are so apt to getting sick or frustrated. Christ qualifies us completely. We want to boast in Him, not because we’ve figured anything out and are “super Christians,” but because we know that He sustains us and has proven Himself a faithful friend.

Please be praying for us as we are in this internship for the next five months. Pray that the things we learn will continue throughout our lives and this wouldn’t just be something fun that we did once. Pray that the Lord digs deep and that we would come to the end of ourselves so that we may be sold out for Him alone. That we would be encouraged as we take leaps out of our comfort zone to preach the Gospel to a lost and broken world. Pray that Kent and I would hear the voice of the Lord and rest in His promises.


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