Kent and I are about a month into the internship. We are amazed at what we’ve learned so far. God has been giving us new desires in our hearts for things that are on His heart.

Last week I came down with a cold. By the second week of it I wasn’t able to sleep for about five days. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I still had to cook, work, and live my life. During this time God gave me the strength and grace to do what I needed to get done. I would find myself praying more often for the sick and learning new things about Christ as I was up for so many hours. I eventually decided that I was tired of not sleeping and feeling sick, but I wanted this deep connection with the Father’s heart to continue. I had many people pray for me during this time. I had friends come lay hands on me for healing and we all felt that this was a Spiritual attack on me. I’ve been rooting things out of my life and replacing them with the things of God. The enemy doesn’t like that, but my God is stronger and triumphs over him every time.

After the fifth night of not being able to sleep, nap, or feel awake Kent and I attended our home group with the internship. I had previously spent a few hours in the prayer room. I felt like the Holy Spirit wanted me to repent of fear – the fear that this sickness wouldn’t leave me. He also reminded me that the Healer lives in me and I should not be afraid. I repented and asked the Lord to change me. At the end of home group I asked for prayer. The group got around me and invited the Holy Spirit to speak to them. One of the women there said that she felt like I was holding on to two fears in my life, which I was. The craziest thing is that we didn’t tell them that I was wrestling with those fears, but the Lord prophetically revealed those things to people in our group. She encouraged me to repent out loud. I did and immediately started to feel freedom. Other group members spoke verses of truth over me, words of life, and declarations of strongholds being broken. They anointed me with oil and encouraged me in how much God loves me. He truly desires for me to come to Him and give me good gifts like healing. I was so encouraged by my brothers and sisters in Christ. We serve a mighty God. Since they prayed over me I’ve been feeling almost perfect and have had no trouble sleeping. My body is loving it!

The Lord heals. He’s powerful and mighty. Kent and I are contending for a deeper awareness of the sick around us. We want to labor in prayer to see the sick and oppressed set free. We want this new desire in us not to vanish now that I’m feeling better. Christ used what the enemy meant for harm to redeem it to something glorious. I’m so blessed to have such a great Father, and siblings in Christ!


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