El Salvador 2014 :: Giggles, Silly Faces, La Playa, & The Zoo

For Christmas Kent bought me a ticket to El Salvador! He knew it was time for me to go back and see some of my beloved friends! He went to China with his sister and her Chinese class while I was there! I had an absolute blast seeing how much the kids have grown and meeting new ones! Anderson doesn’t stop talking or jumping…ever. Fabiola is learning a lot and is able to function as someone closer to her actual age. Glenda is absolutely the silliest nine year old on the planet. She makes the silliest faces, noises, and comments you’ll ever hear. I got to meet Joslyn for the first time this visit. She’s 22 and speaks perfect English. Joslyn helped keep me sane among all of the Spanish speaking folks! I had a bast shopping with her and talking to her about life. The last day I was there we went to the zoo! That was a first for me in the five times I’ve been down there. When we got to the monkey exhibit Fabiola joked (or possibly was quite serious) about how the monkeys were her siblings (her nickname is monkey). As amazing as the trip was, it’s not the same without my dear husband. I’m thrilled to be back in the USA where he will soon be too! Next time we’re going together.
It’s a must.

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