The Expecting Mother

I’m writing a blog post to share thoughts and events that have happened in the past month since finding out that we are expecting our first little baby.

Kent and I had our first ultrasound today for our first baby! We found out that we are seven weeks pregnant and our due date is September 8th, 2015. Feelings of excitement flooded in as we saw our little one (about the size of a blueberry) on the monitor. Then the best part happened. We saw it’s heart beating. As I was shaking with complete amazement I kept looking across the room to smile at Kent and to see his reaction. I knew by reading up on pregnancy that this heartbeat would be there if we were at 6/7 weeks…but nothing could prepare me for that moment. I can still clearly picture that little dark baby’s body pulse with it’s little developing heart. A living 7 week old human being is being formed inside of me. I don’t know how to make it grow and niether does it. A woman’s body was perfectly designed by the Creator to grow that baby with little effort on their part. Jesus is molding our little one perfectly.

Ever since I did a speech in high school on abortion and the horrific thing that it is, I have been absolutely pro-life. I wept for hours as I studied this topic. I learned things such as how far along the pregnancy is when they kill the baby (a lot further along than our little baby is with it’s beating heart), the way in which doctors murder these precious helpless humans, the pain these babies feel and the way their distressed bodies react to the pain, and the staggering numbers of how many abortions are happening in our country alone each day. As our little baby has been growing inside of me I think about this topic more often. I pray for the ending of abortion. For life to be protected and to have value. I love our baby and I know it’s worth. Each child no matter how small has that same value as our baby. Our baby is not just tissue. It has an eternal soul and it was woven together perfectly.

As soon as we found out about or little one, I journaled to our baby as I blinked back my tears.

“The Lord planned you before He created the world, little one. You were designed perfectly by the Creator of all things. He’s forming your little body in mine. We are blessed and ecstatic that He chose us to be your daddy and mommy. We have been praying for your life long before you were conceived. May you grow strong in the Lord and never reject His perfect love for you, my sweet child. I pray that we would nurture you in the way you specifically need and that we would be given all we need to graciously raise you. We love you and always will.”

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