Our Birth Photos

We are so excited to be posting some of our favorite photos from Kai’s birth!

Kim Sanderson, one of my (Kent’s) photography mentors, started a new photography business recently – Imprint Birth Photographers – and we were thrilled at the idea that we would have absolutely incredible images of our birth story that we would get to look back on at any moment. We would get to relive all of the trials and triumphs leading up to Kai’s birth in a candid, photojournalistic story. Kim has also been an important part of our lives, and she photographed our wedding with her husband John. (Yay Sanderson Images! Nailed it.)

Our birth story, for those of you who have read it, didn’t at all go according to our plan. Kim was there early and on the ball, but unfortunately as Ashleigh labored through the night and then ceased progressing.. we had to reconsider our options as Kim was unavailable on the Saturday that Ashleigh was induced. However, because birth is unpredictable, the women at Imprint were totally ready and Joyous Snyder arrived at Ephrata hospital with camera in hand.

If you want to read more about our birth story in particular you can go here:


Joyous captured some seriously stunning images. Time moves so oddly during labor. In some ways, the time flies, but at the same time it just seems like it will never come. It’s similar to how our wedding day felt. As with our wedding photographs that Kim and John captured, we were overjoyed that Joyous was able to capture the miracle of Ashleigh’s labor and our sons birth. Joyous did an absolutely phenomenal job of not only capturing the moments that we cherished, but she very tenderly walked the line of being photojournalistic and candid.. (there were times where neither of us even noticed she was there!).. but she also took great care in caring for us as more than just clients (she prayed for us, and was a huge encouragement to Ashleigh and I through all of the ups and downs that came.)

Now I can forever see the moments where…

  • we both encouraged each other along throughout the labor.
  • we embraced the emotions of each new stage and decision.
  • the moments where he first arrived and we saw him for the very first time.
  • our overjoyed expressions after finally holding our little man.
  • how he first held his hands together and the nurse said “It looks like he’s praying”

… Because in the moment you truly don’t even understand what all is going on. To look back on it all is more beautiful than words can express.

Here is a link to their website:


We can not recommend Imprint Birth Photographers enough. They totally blew us away! I hope you enjoy.

























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