The National Aquarium

This past Sunday our family of three ventured out to the National Aquarium for Dollar Day – where you get to enter the aquarium for $1 a person. We figured we’d take advantage of this offer and make a day out of it to create memories with our growing boy. (Kent side note – Ashleigh was WIDE awake and giddy as all get out by 6am.) We waited in line for an hour and a half to get our tickets. It was a bad day for Kent to forget his winter jacket but all in all the wait really wasn’t bad. Being surrounded by the beautiful harbor and the excited faces were more than enough to keep our baby at ease. He made plenty of seagull and human friends during our wait. We really didn’t know if Kai would enjoy the aquarium or if it would be a hassle the whole time, but Kai blew away our expectations as he pointed and babbled away about the whole aquatic experience. This babe loved tracking with the sealife in their tanks and smiling at each tiny human that stood near him. Our favorite parts of the aquarium were the jellyfish (some you can touch), a HUGE sea turtle, brightly colored or oddly shaped fish, and the crazy jumping puffins. We finished up our day by getting a slice of the Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. I loved every moment of soaking up snuggles with my boy and watching his face light up with joy as he beheld all of the fun creatures God has made.



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