Our Heart For You

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We believe first and foremost that our lives, and our relationship, is held together by Jesus. Our goal is that each post will make you desire the glory of Jesus Christ more. This is not a “relationship blog.” This is a blog about Jesus, and we just get to witness to the things He is doing. If a post does not bring us back to Jesus, then we do not believe it is worth writing. This is His story in us. We are two broken, flawed, sinful people. You can most assuredly anticipate reading about our weaknesses here as we deeper meet our Savior there in the midst of our brokenness.

In no way does having this blog make us authorities on… well anything, really. In our relationship we have had incredible people who came alongside of us and helped us through every season. Our desire is that this blog encourages you whether you are single, dating, engaged, newlyweds, or have been married for a few years. In no way should reading our blog replace the personal community you need for your growth, regardless of which season you are in. Our stories and thoughts are meant to supplement and strengthen your relationship with The Lord.

We are simply two simple people, on a journey together. We love communicating and we strongly value authenticity. Our heart for you is that you never compare your life and ours. In these days of Social Media explosion, it can be very easy to become engrossed in the lives of others, and even feel threatened by the appearance of their lives. This is not our heart for you, as this is often a sin issue of idolatry, one that we ourselves also deal with. We desire for you to be strongly rooted in Christ, and for your identity to rest there alone. This blog is not meant to broadcast anything but what The Lord is teaching us on our own road together as we stumble and fall through this life. But even more importantly it is about how He graciously picks us back up each time.

Kent & Ashleigh


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