Our Vows

The purpose of posting our wedding vows is simple. If you see something in our marriage that does not line up with the vows that we dedicated to each other, then please approach us in love. That being said- we realize that we are going to be completely unable to fulfill these vows without the love of the Father, the sacrifice of the Son, and the guidance of the Spirit. The truth is, it won’t be hard to find times where we aren’t measuring up, but we desire to be an open book with our weaknesses, that even our shortcomings may somehow build up and strengthen the Church of believers to worship our Creator in more profound ways for His goodness to us.

Kent’s Vows to Ashleigh

Ashleigh Robin- My desire to find a wife began far earlier in my life than my desire to be a faithful husband. In the past year there have been more idols uncovered, more hills to climb, and still more grace given to do so. You have been a faithful woman, strong and diligent. You have sought The Lord in everything that you do. I praise Him for saving you and giving you the wisdom you possess. Other than God, you are my greatest helper and friend. The Lord knew I would need a woman with all of the giftings you hold. You are a strong, disciplined, organized, on task, prayerful, worshipful, beautiful woman. I still can’t believe that I tricked you into marrying me. As Jesus has never stopped encouraging and leading me even during seasons of straying and doubting, neither will I stop encouraging and leading you to deeper intimacy with The Lord. I will accept full responsibility for the spiritual leadership of our home, knowing that God has given me all that I need for Godliness in the righteousness of Jesus. I vow to admit my imperfections to you, and be relentless about being fully known to you. I will not create areas in my life that are untouchable for you. I will root out all sins for the sake of knowing Christ fully and becoming more like Him, for His glory. I will put The Lord before you in our marriage, knowing that He is a better leader than I am without Him. He will be our rock, our protector, our healer, our friend, our counselor, and our everything. In Him is all fullness of joy and life, and I will ask for the mind of Christ daily so that His presence is never removed from us. I will cherish your wisdom and see it as the Lords mercy and provision for me. I will not selfishly harden my heart against your input. God gave me you as my helper, and to deny your help would be to deny God Himself from speaking into and shaping my life. We were created differently by design- where I am weak, you are strong. I will affirm your strengths, and not see them as competition against me. I will guard my heart and my eyes from wandering to any woman other than you. God will teach me how to give all of my affections, both in sight and in soul, to you and you alone, for all of our days together. I choose today to give up all of my desires for any other woman whether in the flesh or in fantasy. I will allow no barriers between us in the form of fleeting pleasures, second glances, and secret sin. I will devote my attention to loving and serving you in kindness, gentleness, and patience.

I promise to pray for you, serve you, and forsake all others by giving myself to you alone, knowing that in Christ we are better together than apart.

Ashleigh’s Vows to Kent

Kenton Robert Mast- You are the kind of man I’ve always dreamed and prayed of marrying. You are my best friend. You are so patient with me and you seek out the best for me. God knew I needed the kind, gentle, and honest man that I have found in you. Thank you for showing me how to strip away my perfectionism and for teaching me to rest in who I am in Christ. You serve me by praying for me each day. I’m so thankful for your quickness to apologize and make sure that we remain in open communication. You have made huge strides to make sure that nothing comes between us. You are a committed man. I’ve always loved your wisdom in the Lord. You comfort me in ways that only someone who desperately seeks the Lord can. You’ve created in me a deeper desire to be real with others as you’ve been completely real with me, in time. I’m forever changed, and I am growing into the woman that Christ has made me to be, because of your caring nature. Thank you for loving to talk with me and be with me as much as I love to just be with you. Thank you for viewing me as a soul and not just a body. Thank you for admiring all of me, not just my outward appearance. You go above and beyond to serve me and my heart. Thank you for intentionally listening to me as I pour the deep and special things of my heart out to you. The expressions on your face as I talk with you tell me that you truly deeply care. I promise to sacrifice my desires and serve you as Christ served us. I promise to create an environment where you can flourish in your relationship with Christ. I am a person that you can deeply trust and confide in. I promise to encourage your dreams and point you towards Christ in them. By God’s grace I will use my words to affirm you and build you up. I promise to submit to you as the leader of our household, knowing that God has put you in authority and that you have my best interest in mind. I promise to stand by you when things get tough and confusing. I will continue to pray for direction for our lives with you, knowing that Christ is the ultimate adventure-maker. I’m so thankful that the Lord brought us together. I’m so excited to grow old with you through the adventures, laughter, and tears. I choose you forever, my sweet friend.

I promise to pray for you, serve you, and forsake all others by giving myself to you alone knowing that in Christ we are better together than apart.


2 Comments on “Our Vows

  1. Listening to you say these words to each other last weekend made me cry (because Kent knows me, I’m sure he is less than shocked by this lol) but reading them again was very special, and I hope one day I will find the person God made for me to say words similar to these to. Thank you for sharing these very personal things with your friends and family! Congratulations again, and thank you for being such an inspirational couple!!

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